The Big Three


Consistently healthy puppies are raised due to our focus on these three processes.


A well behaved and socially adjusted puppy begins with the parents. We pay special attention to providing daily human interaction to our adult dogs, each one also has access to large outdoor and indoor exercise areas. The puppies begin their socialization experience on day one by simply being held and feeling the touch of a human hand. As the puppies grow older and are able to move around with more ease, our interaction with them changes to simple playing, being introduced to toys, as well learning to walk on grass and gravel. We introduce the puppies to ear cleaning, nail trimming, and baths at a young age so that the are well adjusted to the process.

Health Screening

A healthy dog is a happy dog. All of our adults are submitted to health screenings and OFA testing annually and prior to giving birth. This testing and additional healthcare plans are overseen by Dr. Aaron J. Wise, a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. All of our adults are screened and selected for high quality physical traits as well as a good temperament towards humans. In addition to all proper vaccinations and deworming, all puppies are health screened at 5 weeks old and again prior to being placed in a home. If you have any questions about care after the puppy is in your home, refer to our “puppy care” page.


Proper nutrition is key to a healthy dog. Many dog food products and snacks are full of unhealthy preservatives and grains which can cause the dog digestive issues and other health problems. We feed both our adults and puppies Fromm brand foods because of their exceptional quality and purity. These foods are focused on natural, nutrient rich ingredients that are grain free. Our water source is from our own well, free from chemicals found in city water, and is filtered and tested to ensure purity. Additional health supplements such as vitamins and calcium are provided to our animals several times a week to help fill in their nutritional foundation.